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What went wrong at Hatton Garden and how does Vault SDC ensure that this cannot happen to me?

Seventy-two safety deposit boxes were opened in a raid in London’s Hatton Garden over the Easter weekend. How did the thieves do it? Detectives investigating the Hatton Garden heist have released startling new images of the crime scene, including photographs of the hole the robbers drilled through the concrete vault. The pictures show the scene […]

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Keep Your Jewellery Safe Whilst Celebrating Diwali

Leicestershire Police are advising people to keep their valuables safe whilst celebrating Diwali. As well as keeping your items safe whilst wearing them they also advise that your store your goods in a secure place. The article can be read below: Why not think about a safety deposit box to store your valuables during […]

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Heightened Alert!!

Here are more examples as to why it is a good idea to store your jewellery in a safe deposit box. At 11am on Monday 15th September 2014 a jeweller and his wife were walking to their store in Melton Road, Leicester when two masked men got out of a black Skoda Fabia (bearing partial […]

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